FacetsWoman is not currently offering events.. We hope to resume a full schedule of activities in fall 2014. If you are interested in being on our emailing list, please leave your contact information.




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FREE Membership for YOU and all of your friends!
Yes, that is right! Membership in FacetsWoman is FREE, but only by invitation – either directly by FacetsWoman or by a FacetsWoman member. If you are interested in knowing more about FacetsWoman and receiving an invitation to join, e-mail Pat@nextwavegroup.com. FacetsWoman is designed for women in the greater Annapolis/Anne Arundel County, Maryland area.

Give Directly to Our Charities
Our meeting fees will no longer include charitable donations, but you will have the opportunity at our events to make direct tax-deductible donations to our spotlighted charity and to Stop the Silence, our national charity. You may also make direct donations through links on our Web site.

Convenient Meeting Times
Since most of our events are held on weeknights, after work for most of us, we are now starting at 6 p.m. and will end by 8 p.m.

Accomplished Women Leading Sparkling Lives
FacetsWoman is a community of women, enriching and energizing their lives through intellectually stimulating and FUN events. Each woman can live a “sparkling life” by polishing her many facets. Accomplished women enjoy each other’s company and can even make powerful business connections through shared memorable experiences.

Giving Back Made Painless
Today’s successful woman wants to give back, but often doesn’t have the time to be a volunteer. A percentage of the monies received from each FacetsWoman event or activity goes to charity. Our national charity is Stop the Silence (focusing on child sexual abuse). Each event also spotlights and helps support a local charity.

All the Fun with No Hassle

Because the demands of work and family are now so great, fewer women are interested in assuming leadership roles in professional organizations, civic groups, or women’s organizations. FacetsWoman is professionally run so that participants don’t have to share any administrative burden or endure club politics.

The Web Makes it Easy
Harnessing the power of Web-based technology, FacetsWoman offers an online community and marketplace. Registration for all FacetsWoman events may be done online or via email or phone.

Only the Good Stuff!
Watch our Website soon for our new line of selected specialty products, quality services, and regional specialty foods. We will also feature the “insider travel secrets.” Our motto is “Only the Good Stuff!”